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The Mission at The Ranch is Simple-

To improve lives through the beauty of horsemanship.


Even ordinary interactions with horses have the ability to impact us in extraordinary ways, and we’ve seen it firsthand. Living out this mission means that we recognize what our horses do for us, and we happily return the favor. High quality feeds, generous turnout times, safe and clean facilities, as well as thoughtful care and communication capstone both our barn management and horsemanship programs, because these amazing creatures deserve nothing less than the best we can offer.


Starting as rough sketches on scrap paper, Copper Moon Ranch moved from vision to reality on October 1, 2017. The Groves family opened The Ranch to the public for the first time, operating under four core values that make clients and horses feel like family:

  1. Have integrity in both actions and words

  2. Commit to continual learning

  3. Value and encourage community

  4. Empower others


So stop by and enjoy the unique setting of city and country combined, if you’re looking for a truly unified equine community, or if you too are passionate about The Ranch’s mission to improve lives through the beauty of horsemanship.

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