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We Can Help Improve Your Ride.

No Oil Change Required.

Kali Collins is a riding instructor with several year's experience teaching equine enthusiasts around the Des Moines metro. Spending the last three years studying the methods of Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman, and having had the unique opportunity of being a working student of Kip Fladland, Kali is passionate about developing healthy horse-human partnerships. Although she is well-versed in several riding disciplines, her passion for barrel racing is matched only by her devotion to good horsemanship. Kali has spent time on the rodeo road, so she knows what it takes to make the dream work. If you're a beginner who wants to start out on the right hoof, or a seasoned vet looking to improve your communication under saddle, get in contact with us today!

Small Group Lessons (package of 8)

The perfect space to enjoy fellowship and equine education in a safe setting, group lessons are open to horse owning and non-horse owning students alike. 50-60 minutes per lesson.


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